Hiker found dead in Sabino Canyon

Posted at 5:01 AM, Apr 16, 2016

On Friday night, the Pima County Sheriff's Department announced that the missing hiker, 28-year-old Mauricio Carreon-Maltos was found dead near Seven Falls.

Sheriff Chris Nanos tells KGUN9, ABC15's sister station in Tucson, that the man was found underneath some rocks in the area.

Sheriff Nanos said, "We were all hoping for a better outcome." 

The Rincon District received a report of a missing hiker last Friday night, April 8 at around 10:20 p.m. Rincon deputies and members of the search and rescue units responded and have been searching since that initial report. 

On Friday afternoon, Carreon-Maltos was hiking in the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. Authorities say he was last seen in the early morning hours on Friday by family members at his home.

No word yet on the specific cause of death.