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Town of Miami still dealing with flooding aftermath ahead of more storms

Globe-Miami Flooding
Posted at 10:42 PM, Aug 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-10 01:47:37-04

MIAMI, AZ — The town of Miami in Gila County is still reeling from dangerous flash flooding two weeks ago.

"Mud was everywhere," says homeowner, Julia Angelica.

Another round of storms is expected to hit the area this week. Mayor Sammy Gonzales hopes it won't leave them in a similar situation.

"That was a lot of forest coming down and so, how much is left upon the burn scar? We don't know," said Mayor Gonzales.

Video from July 28 shows the large amounts of mud and debris that came along with the flooding, even clogging up the drainage system at that time.

A council meeting was held on Monday at a local senior center since town chambers were flooded out.

"We'll get our roads assessed to make sure there is no damage to roads. Also, they began clearing the washes again for a second time," said Town Manager, Micah Gaudet.

The Department of Emergency and Military Affairs assessed the area last week, identifying 46 places as damaged from the flooding.

Angelica, says her home was filled with about two to three inches of water. She was unsure who to contact at first so she has done most of the cleanup herself.

"I bailed buckets in my bathroom to try to get some - I mean in my bedroom - to try and get some of that out. I dragged the area rugs out myself. I moved all the furniture myself, obviously. I shoveled mud, I have shoveled buckets and wheelbarrows full of mud," says Angelica.

Mayor Gonzales says many homeowners who had major damage have been assisted but, they are still working to get to everyone.

Other organizations have been called in to help, including Team Rubicon. "Is it where it needs to be? No, absolutely not. We still have more cleanup," says Mayor Gonzales.

Governor Doug Ducey previously made a disaster declaration for the Telegraph Fire but the town is waiting for a declaration to be made specifically for the flooding, in order to receive federal funding.

They plan to meet with a state representative this week to start the process.

In the meantime, they are providing sandbags in anticipation of storms possibly coming this week.

The town manager is taking a list of everyone who still needs assistance. His direct line is 928-961-3673.