Not going back to the gym? Arizonans worried about health and refunds

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Posted at 5:00 AM, Sep 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-14 09:37:21-04

PHOENIX — Most gyms are now open in Arizona, but what if you're concerned about your safety and not ready to go back?

How easy is it to cancel your membership or get a refund?

Robin Taylor says she's been struggling to get money back for months. Robin is a vet who tries to stay in shape, but she says whatever she caught in January has knocked her out. "I live on 3rd floor. I couldn't even walk up stairs. It felt like death." she says. Robin says the doctor told her it was walking pneumonia. She wonders if it was COVID-19 before it was being diagnosed.

Robin says she had just signed up for a health membership and training at EOS Fitness in Scottsdale. "And then COVID happened. I said oh no, I'm not going to the gym no way. My daughter has asthma. She's high risk."

Are you concerned about going back to an open gym? Is it enough to cancel your health club membership and even get a refund?

Robin says EOS did freeze her account when they were closed. But, she says when they reopened they charged her even after she wanted to cancel.

She wants $670 in membership and personal training fees refunded. Robin says EOS wanted to see a positive COVID-19 test first. "Why do I have to keep jumping through all of these hoops. It's just not safe, just not safe."

In an email, EOS says they've been in contact with Robin and "have resolved her concerns." "For privacy reasons, we do not share our member's account or health information." Robin says she received almost a total refund.

Can you get out of your health club memberships because you don't feel safe? Let me know about any of your gym concerns

We reached out to local health clubs about their cancelation policies:


"For members who have concerns about returning to the gym, EōS Fitness is offering to complimentarily freeze membership fees for members requesting this via phone, email or visiting their gym. Cancelations are handled in accordance with member agreements." Read the full statement here.


"At both Esporta and LA Fitness 90% of our memberships are based on monthly dues and may be canceled at any time. If the membership is not monthly, and the member does not want to use it for any reason, we offer different options, including a "Freeze"." Read the full statement here.


"Members can cancel their membership at any time, for any reason." Read the full statement here.


"While we hate to see you cancel your membership, if your club is open, you can send a certified letter to your home club requesting to cancel, or you can stop by your home club and cancel in person." Read the full statement here.