St. Joseph the Worker helping Valley residents find jobs

Posted at 4:18 PM, May 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-01 21:10:23-04

PHOENIX — The Rebound Arizona team has seen the emails coming in to the regarding the state's unemployment system and the struggles job seekers are facing.

While we continue to fight for answers, ABC15 Arizona also wants to make sure we are giving you every resource out there.

One of them is a local organization called St. Joseph the Worker who is looking to cut through the strained system and get you back to work.

"Yeah, I'm ecstatic," said Chad Robinkoff. "It's not just a job... it's a career for me."

A new career path opened up for Robinkoff amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He said his call to St. Joseph the Worker gave him a fast track to success.

"A lot of good came out of that resource," Robinkoff said.

He is one of the roughly 200 employment inquiry calls specialists at SJW are fielding every single week.

He is also one one the more than 150 people this organization has gotten back to work during this crisis.

"There are jobs available and there are workers to fill them," said SJW Director of Development Katie Thorson. "So that's what we are seeing and that's the reason we exist."

She said, not only is it their mission to help you find a job, but also make sure you have the tools to get there.

"If you don't... can't afford those or if that's really going to put a strain on you, that's a barrier," Thorson said. "So how can we break it down for you?"

For Robinkoff, that meant helping him get special shoes and a bus pass - items that ensure he was not overlooked for that new career.

"They're more included to hire you and keep you," Robinkoff explained.

"So we provide what you need, which is different than that person, then that person, then that person," Thorson said. "But the one thing that you need to have that we can't provide you is the willingness to work."

Anyone with the will and the need for a job can call 602-584-5511 or email

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