Phoenix HS senior inspired by nurses' response during pandemic

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Posted at 5:10 PM, Nov 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-30 19:54:31-05

PHOENIX — A Phoenix high school senior said the pandemic has inspired her to pursue a career in nursing.

Sarah Wentland is a senior at Insight Academy of Arizona. She said she's always thought about going into health care because her older sister Alex has been dealing with health issues for years. Wentland saw the important role nurses have played in treating her sister's illness.

"It's basically where her white blood cells are attacking her nerve endings, but just seeing all the nurses that were able to help her, just by walking in and smiling at her doing something fun with her, trying to just uplift her spirits made me go 'Yeah want to do that,'" said Wentland.

She's currently in a health care program where--before the pandemic--she got to do hands-on training. Her plan is to go to community college next year, get a degree, and become an RN.

Even though Wentland has also seen how difficult this year has been on health care workers, she said she's up for it.

"It would probably be really hard but at the same time I'm thinking to myself if I can go out there and make a difference, and I can make it easier for someone else," she said. "The best part would be to be able to help people and knowing that I'm doing something good and I'm helping all different people from all different walks of life."