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Neighbors worried about recent crashes in Phoenix

Posted at 6:59 PM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 21:59:04-04

PHOENIX — Neighbors near 56th Street and Indian School Road told ABC15 they're worried someone could die if new measures aren't taken to protect their streets.

"We've had another major accident and still no real news about anything be done about it," said Bailey Ogrin.

Ogrin has lived in the area since July and has called 9-1-1 multiple times to report car crashes.

"It's happening a lot and it's seeming to get worse," he said.

According to a spokesperson with the Phoenix Police Department, the latest crash in the area, on Thursday, is still under investigation.

Ogrin said it's another example of people speeding and says that a driver at a roundabout crossed into oncoming traffic and hit another vehicle while attempting to exit the roundabout.

As ABC15 previously reported, an Arizona judge was killed in a nearby intersection in February.

After that, residents in the area amplified their calls for safer roads.

On Friday, the city said it is working on a long-term plan while looking for ways to have an immediate impact.

According to a spokesperson with the city's transportation department, the city would be putting a speed feedback trailer in the area.

They're also planning to add bike lanes, crosswalks, and speed cushions. However, those plans are in the design phase and construction won't get started for a couple of years.

"Yeah. I love the plan," said Ogrin.

"We've heard all about it," he said.

"Everyone is excited about beautifying any part of the city. Unfortunately, it's safety that we have to address," Ogrin added.

According to the city, adding bike lanes and other calming features helps improve safety.

There have also been talks about reducing the speed limit on the road. However, that requires city council approval.

Ogrin said he'd like to be included in future plans for the area and hopes the speed feedback trailer helps.