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Young author writes self-help book for millennials

Posted at 11:14 AM, Mar 02, 2021

Recent college Myles Harris is trying to inspire the younger generation to better their lives through the words that he printed on paper.

“My book is about the mindset that it takes for young adults to really build confidence, happiness and prosperity for themselves,” he said.

Harris’s self-help book for millennials titled, "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life," was recently published.

“What you choose to focus your energy on will be what you create," he said.

While many people his age are blogging online, 23-year-old Harris has decided to go old school, printing nine chapters with 88 pages of life lessons.

“I wanted to put some value in a place where people could always turn to, enjoy it at their own pace and really get the value that they wanted if they sought it out,” he said.

After releasing his book, Harris has been sought out for speaking engagements with educational institutions across the country.

He’s now working with Demetrius Short, founder of Transformation Life Center, a group helping inspire success in undeserved communities.

Short says Harris can relate to young adults in ways others can’t.

“I’m too old for some to some to listen and I recognize that,” he said. “Sometimes it takes a younger person to say the exact same thing I said, and it gets a totally different result.”

Short and Harris are both graduates from Fisk university in Nashville, Tennessee. Harris’ former co-eds support him writing this book.

“I think it’s very fitting that it was Myles from Fisk that wrote it because he’s a leader,” said Ashley Cosby, a senior biology major at Fisk. “He was always a leader on campus while he was here."

With Harris being a published author one year after graduating, Cosby says its inspiring to other students.

“If he can already come out with a book, I can definitely do things in my field at a young age,” she said.

So far, Harris has sold hundreds of copies of his book and plans to continue reaching a younger generation.

“They don’t see somebody that, ‘oh, he doesn’t understand me,’” Harris said of speaking to young adults. “They see somebody who, ‘wow, he is me. and this is what I can become if I really believe in myself.’”