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What to do when you run out of 'cloud' storage on your phone

Posted at 6:12 PM, Sep 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-20 11:53:22-04

It's a question a lot of us ask, especially seniors, when it comes to technology... What to do when we run out of "cloud" storage on our phone?

Senior Savvy Tech Guru Abbie Richie offering three tips, but first, she says it helps to know what the "cloud" is.

In simple terms, the "cloud" is storage space on the internet, instead of your phone or computer's hard drive.

Apple gives us 5 GB free, but when it's full you'll notice you can't take photos or store other data.

That leads to tip #1 Abbie says, "Before you just upgrade, investigate, and see what is actually taking up that storage."

Whether it's photos or documents clogging up your "cloud," Abbie says there's an easy way to manage it.

Go into your settings and tap your name. Then tap iCloud and "manage storage."

Tip #2: "You choose what to back up," Abbie says.

Again, she says it's easy.

Just go into settings, tap your name and back into iCloud, and then below in the "Apps Using iCloud" section, toggle off apps you really don't need to back up.

"You really don't need to back-up all of the ones that are supported on the internet, (already) like Gmail," Abbie said.

Tip #3... Manually delete.

Most often this means going through each of your photos and manually deleting duplicates or ones you don't want to save.

But wait! Abbie says, because there's one step to take first. Go back to the "Apps Using iCloud" section and tap the "Photos" icon.

There you can select "Optimize iPhone Storage" instead of "Download and Keep Originals."

"That's going to condense your photos right away," Abbie said.

Which should free up space on the "cloud."

If you do have to manually delete photos, Abbie suggests doing it from a desktop, as the process is a lot quicker than manually deleting photos from your phone.

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