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Walmart to make checkout process much more convenient for shoppers

Posted at 2:10 PM, Oct 30, 2018

Do long lines get you down? Walmart has a plan to help eliminate the stress shoppers get when waiting in long lines.

The company’s new system is called “Check Out with Me.” First, a Walmart associate scans your items with their special, mobile device. Then, they’ll swipe your credit card right there, before handing you the receipt.

The process eliminates having to wait in line for a cashier.  

Marketing professor Darrin Duber-Smith at MSU Denver says consumers want options, and the main option they want is convenience. He says two companies in constant competition are Walmart and Amazon.

Amazon recently announced their plans to open 3,000 brick and mortar stores-- that will be cashierless—by 2021.

As for Walmart’s new checkout program, the company plans to position workers in the busiest sections of the store. The program will begin in Walmart Superstores across the U.S. Thursday.