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Volcano eruption traps Ohio honeymooners in Bali

Posted at 9:24 PM, Nov 29, 2017

An Ohio couple trapped in Bali is desperate to come home after a volcano eruption trapped them on the Indonesian island.

The Saturday eruption of Mount Agung, which had lain mostly dormant since the 1960s, stranded thousands of tourists and forced tens of thousands of native islanders to evacuate their homes. Facing the prospect of ash-choked engines causing further disasters, Bali's lone international airport closed and canceled all flights for days.

Cincinnatian newlyweds Josh Langdon and his husband Nick, who had been honeymooning on the famously picturesque island, found themselves trapped.

"I would have preferred another type of adventure," Langdon said. "I wish we would have known about (the eruption) before we came. Maybe that's our fault, but maybe the airline could have given us a travel advisory."

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According to Channel News Asia, Mount Anung had been showing signs of activity and possible eruption since early September, although it did not experience any actual eruption until Nov. 21.

The Langdons were supposed to return to the United States on Wednesday, but they could face days of delays as airlines attempt to accommodate every person whose flight was postponed or canceled due to an ash hazard. If the wind changes direction, their wait could be even longer.