Viral photo of Florida officers draws wild response

Posted at 8:35 PM, Sep 12, 2017

A Facebook selfie snapped Sunday featuring members of the Gainesville, Florida Police Department drew quite a response from admirers across the United States. 

The selfie, which has drawn nearly 170,000 comments and more than 100,000 shares, reportedly made the chief of the department "blush." Gainesville Police also requested people not call 911, requesting the trio to respond to their "incident."

The three officers, who many consider "attractive" and "hot," were responding to Hurricane Irma incidents on Sunday. 

"Hello officer handsome! Sorry, i know you're out there helping but who doesn't like a cute first responder," Shari Dixon commented. 

Unfortunately for those interested, two of the three officers pictured are married. 

But the good news: Gainesville Police agreed to create a calendar featuring its officers. Proceeds will go toward disaster relief, the department said.