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Video captures collision inside Arizona automatic car wash

Posted at 5:54 PM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 19:04:29-04

Do you get your car washed at one of those automatic washes? Would you go as often if you heard about collisions and damage happening inside?

Mark Crotty of Arizona took his new car through a Super Star Car Wash. He says while in the wash, a car two cars ahead somehow came off the rollers. 

Crotty said the truck in front of him stopped, which caused his car to be sandwiched with the truck and a big SUV from behind. 

He said that SUV pushed him about 15 feet through the rest of the wash. Crotty says Super Star Car Wash took no responsibility for the damage caused. 

He ended up paying hundreds to repair damage to his bumpers.

Jennifer Chahoud also had damage to her new car. She also said it happened inside a Super Star Car Wash.

Chahoud says cars suddenly stopped in front of her and her car was hit. She said for weeks, Super Star claimed they were not responsible.

Chahoud said only after complaining to the Better Business Bureau that they paid for repairs to her car.

Jake Morrissey says it happened to him too.

He said his car was in neutral and his hands were off the steering wheel as all drivers are asked to do. Then his car collided with a car in front and back of him.

He said Super Star claimed no responsibility and said it was not their equipment. Instead, he says the car wash blamed another driver.

Morrissey said Super Star gave him the driver's name and location and told him to take it up with her. He approached her, but said she denied knowing anything about it and threatened to call the police. He sued, and Super Star blamed this other driver.

Morrissey lost and still hasn't had his damage repaired, and he now questions why cars are put on the conveyor belt so closely.

Morrissey added he wonders why there aren't sensors that immediately stop the line when there's an issue.

JR Ruelas of Super Star Car Wash said these collisions are very rare. He said when they happen, they are usually the fault of the driver.

Ruelas said drivers put on their brakes or move the steering wheel taking them off the track.

He says in the above cases, the car wash equipment was not the problem.He defended the practice of giving drivers information of other drivers to seek reimbursement.

He said Super Star does take responsibility when they are at fault, but couldn't give exact numbers.

Ruelas said there are sensors on the conveyor line, but they are not in the middle, where many of these collisions happen.

Crotty, Chahoud and Morrissey all said their damage was not their fault, and ask how could it be when they have no control over their car's movement? And they say, they were just stuck.

All three of them demanded that Super Star give them a video of their incidents from cameras inside.

If you have similar issues, or your car is damaged in another way, make sure to get that video.

Also, keep all receipts, file a police report, get damage estimates and push the car wash to reimburse you for the damage.

If they don't, you could consider taking them to small claims court.