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Trump attacks Justice Department and FBI: 'I want them to do their jobs'

Posted at 3:01 AM, Aug 31, 2018

President Donald Trump attacked his own Justice Department and FBI leadership and implied Hillary Clinton could face criminal charges during a campaign rally Thursday night in Indiana.

"Our Justice Department and our FBI have to start doing their jobs and doing it right and doing it now, because people are angry. People are angry," Trump said at a rally in Evansville, where he was campaigning for Republican Senate nominee Mike Braun.

Trump also suggested he could take a heavier role in the Justice Department -- comments that came hours after he told Bloomberg that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would remain in his job until after November's midterm elections.

"What's happening is a disgrace, and at some point -- I wanted to stay out, but at some point, if it doesn't straighten out properly -- I want them to do their jobs -- I will get involved," Trump said.

Trump also attacked his 2016 opponent, Clinton.

"Look at what she's getting away with it," Trump said. "But let's see if she gets away with it. Let's see."

The crowd responded with chants of "Lock her up!"

The rally was Trump's second visit to Indiana since the state's May Senate primary to campaign against Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly, a senator he dubbed "Sleepin' Joe."

The rally comes hours after a memorial service for Arizona's GOP Sen. John McCain -- a near-constant target in Trump campaign rallies -- whose casket was flown back to Washington as Trump traveled to Indiana.

It also comes the day after the President announced that his White House counsel, Don McGahn, would be departing later this year.

Trump in recent days has also lashed out at the Justice Department and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And he accused Google of promoting President Barack Obama's speeches to Congress but not his -- a charge Google said is not true.

Republicans are fighting to keep control of the House and Senate in November's elections. In the Senate, the party has a two-seat advantage -- and while its seats in Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee and Texas are in jeopardy, the GOP hopes Trump will carry it in five states he won in 2016 by double digits: Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia.

Braun has attacked Donnelly for voting against Trump's tax package late last year, as well as backing moderate immigration proposals. He has sought to latch Donnelly to more progressive Democrats' positions, such as calls to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.