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Train derails in eastern Taiwan, killing over 50 people and injuring dozens

Taiwan Train Accident
Posted at 4:03 AM, Apr 02, 2021

HUALIEN COUNTY, Taiwan (AP) — A train partially derailed in eastern Taiwan after colliding with an unmanned vehicle that had rolled down a hill.

The National Fire Service said at least 51 people were killed in the crash. Officials said it was the country’s deadliest railway disaster.

The train was carrying more than 400 people and over 100 of them were injured in the incident. Many passengers were crushed.

With the train still partly in a tunnel, some survivors climbed out windows and walked along the train’s roof to reach safety.

The government’s disaster relief center said the emergency brake was not properly engaged on the truck that rolled and the vehicle slid down a hillside. A Railways Administration official said the train’s lead car then crashed into the truck.

The crash occurred Friday, the first day of a long holiday weekend when many were hopping trains on Taiwan’s extensive rail system.

Taiwan's president says emergency services are fully mobilized.