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Three shot after NAS rap concert in Denver

Posted at 3:47 AM, Jun 20, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-20 13:02:31-04

Deputies are looking for a gunman with a rifle who shot three people after a rap concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver Thursday night.

Investigators told Scripps sister station 7NEWS the shooting was not random and that they believe the shooter targeted three people in a white SUV.

Those victims were found in a white Suburban by Denver Police. All three were transported to the hospital, according to Denver Police Department Spokesperson Sonny Jackson. Authorities are not releasing any details about the extent of the victim's injuries or their conditions.

Many of the concert goers didn't know anything had happened until police started checking IDs as people were leaving.

"It was just super normal Red Rocks concert, everybody was having fun," concert goer Nicholas Guthrie told 7NEWS. "I didn't even understand anything abnormal happened until the second check and they made us pull out our ID's and said somebody had a gun and was shooting people."

'[We were] checking each car as they came out, documenting the license plate of each car and checking each car to make sure there is no one hiding in the car," Jefferson County Sheriff's public information officer Mark Techmeyer said.

Deputies told 7NEWS they only have a vague description of the suspect as a black man, 5'10 to 6 foot tall, wearing black clothing and carrying a rifle.

Friday morning deputies still had part of the venue, near the Trading Post, closed off for their investigation.

The concert at Red Rocks featured NAS, Schoolboy Q and Flying Lotus.