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The new way to travel this summer is in a campervan

Redefining the camping experience
Posted at 1:39 PM, May 31, 2018

Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring, whenever you want a vacation there is a new way to travel. Forget about the airline tickets, booking a hotel or even renting an RV; try a campervan. 

Dillon Hansen and Jon Moran are two entrepreneurs involved in campervans.

"It's a new concept here and it's really exciting introducing people to this world of travel and vacationing and I think we are getting some fans along the way," said Hansen.

After taking a trip to New Zealand and traveling the island in a campervan, when the two came back to the United States they decided to create their own campervan company.

They named it Native Campervans.They say it combines convenience and cost effectiveness. You could have a weekend getaway for about $500.

"This comes from a convenience factor. You're pulling into any spot you want. Your kitchen, your bed, everything is set up and made and ready to go and you can't beat that. Just from the convenience and luxury of it," said Hansen.

A campervan can go for $130 to $240 a day and to fill up a tank of gas along the way it can be as cheap as $35.

The campervan has everything you need when it comes to travel, with the exception of a bathroom. It has a bed, hot water, air conditioning, a heater, even a stove and electricity.

Other companies, like Escape Campervans, are also tapping into this up and coming idea reinventing camping. Hansen and Moran say, the bottom line is you're reconnecting and relaxing. 

"You are pretty much tied away from technology you're not watching tv you're not on your phone you're actually reading or talking having fires, experiencing nature and that's what we want to encourage," said Hansen.