Teen eating leftovers bites into screw

Posted at 3:46 PM, Apr 03, 2016

A family in the San Diego wants to know how a large metal screw ended up in their son's food from Buffalo Wild Wings.

The family had dinner at the popular chain Thursday night. Friday afternoon their 16-year-old son was eating his left over flatbread pizza.

"It just felt like there was something in my mouth that wasn't food. There was something hard in my mouth," said the boy who doesn't want to be identified.

He said it didn't hurt, but the metal point put a small chip on the inside of his tooth. Ironically, he had just come home from the dentist.

"So felt like maybe the tooth filling came out or something, but it definitely felt larger than that," said the teen.

His dad heard him shriek from the other room.

"I heard him scream with the four letter word. I don't want to say, " said the teen's father.

An assistant manager told the family the company would notify its insurance.

When Scripps station KGTV in San Diego first called the restaurant, an assistant manager told us "every once in a while, a screw falls out." Later, when we showed up at the restaurant another manager told us that's incorrect and that they don't use any machines where a screw could fall out. Ultimately, the manager said to contact the corporate headquarters Monday.

"I was really surprised and pretty disgusted that that would happen at a restaurant we've been to so many times," said the teen.

His parents want the company to take the matter seriously.

"I was really, really mad because he could have swallowed it and we could have spent our day in the emergency room," said the boy's father.