Splash on! Universal Orlando's Volcano Bay now open for the summer

Posted at 12:21 PM, May 25, 2017

The surf is up at Volcano Bay!

Universal Orlando’s newest water theme park opened to the public Thursday with a major splash.

With 18 attractions on 28 acres of land, the detail of this Polynesian paradise is incredible.

When you walk in, the first thing you witness is the massive, 200-feet-tall waterfall-laden volcano mountain, which serves as the park’s centerpiece.

There’s also four different rides that zip in and out of the volcano, and its surrounded by a state-of-the-art wave pool.

My favorite attraction?

The Ko’okiri Body Plunge, which drops you 125 feet at a 70-degree angle. You reach the pool in a matter of seven seconds.

Another great ride is the Krakatau Aqua Coaster, which uses magnetic propulsion to send you over steep slopes for a thrilling wet n’ wild experience.

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Many of the attractions are multi-passenger raft rides, so three, four, five or six of your best buddies can all get on the tube together.

Of course we didn’t forget about the little ones!

There are numerous rides and attractions for toddlers where they can have fun and feel safe. The kiddos can splash around with mom and dad watching.

This is the same team that brought you the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. These people really understand how to tell a story with the rides.

Still not up for a thrill ride? Chill out on the lazy river. If you’re wanting a nice tan, grab one of the 7,500 deck chairs and relax on 86,000-square-feet of beach. For ultimate comfort, you can rent private cabanas for the entire day.

Another perk about Volcano Bay? No more standing in line for rides!

The TapuTapu wearable device allows you to enter a virtual line so you can play and eat until it’s your time to ride the attraction. The TapuTapu also serves as your waterproof wallet, ticket and camera.

They have selfie stations where you can scan your TapuTapu, "Say cheese!" and the picture will be emailed to you.


Don’t forget! You also don’t have to carry tubes for any rides at this park. There are conveyer belts that bring tubes up to the top of each attraction, making the experience hassle-free.

This entire park is dedicated to adventure and family-friendly fun. Everything ranges from the daring to the serene, and to accompany all of that, there’s the tastiest food I’ve ever had at a water park.

You will want to try the jerked mahi sandwich or the coconut curry chicken. There is a full drink menu of boozy concoctions for both mom and dad.

Volcano Bay one-day tickets are about $67.

Though, parking for Volcano Bay is another issue. Unless you are lodging at a Universal Orlando resort or Ubering from an Orlando hotel, guests are asked to park in the main garage feeding into CityWalk. That will cost you another $20. A shuttle will then take you to the water park.

Come for the whole day and see it all at Volcano Bay!