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South Carolina man nearly threw away $100,000 lottery ticket

Posted at 10:49 AM, Feb 11, 2020

A South Carolina man is $100,000 richer after winning the lottery, but he nearly threw it all away — literally.

According to the South Carolina Education Lottery, the unidentified man from Newberry, South Carolina bought a Pick 5 ticket for the Jan. 24 drawing from a local BP station with the numbers 9, 15, 25, 27 and 30.

Later, he checked the drawing results, and when the numbers didn't match, he threw the ticket away.

Shortly after, he realized he had made a mistake.

"I checked the results for the day before," he said, according to the South Carolina Education Lottery.

It's a good thing he double-checked. His numbers for the Jan. 24 matched all five drawings — scoring on improbable 1 in 501,942 odds —netting him $100,000.

He plans to invest the money in a college fund for his grandchildren and give some of the funds to charity.