Shots fired at US Capitol; complex locked down

Posted at 11:59 AM, Mar 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 15:28:40-04

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. Capitol Police officer was shot Monday at the Capitol Visitor Center complex, and the shooter was taken into custody, Capitol officials and police said.

The event unfolded with Congress on recess and lawmakers back in their districts. The White House was briefly put on lockdown, but that was soon lifted.

The shooting occurred in the Visitors Center of the sprawling Capitol Complex. Staffers, reporters and others were told to "shelter in place" and not allowed to leave their offices. The police officer who was shot was not believed to be seriously injured.

Visitors were being turned away from the Capitol as emergency vehicles flooded the street and the plaza on the building's eastern side. Police, some carrying long guns, cordoned off the streets immediately around the building, which were thick with tourists visiting for spring holidays and the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Traffic was jammed in the vicinity, but despite the obvious emergency the scene was relatively calm. A work crew on the north side of the Supreme Court, across the street, was asked to stop work and move away from the building as a precaution.

Capitol Police did not immediately return calls.


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Not good

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Here we are in a "shelter in place ". We had taken the tunnel from the Library of Congress to the Capitol Visitors Center. We were trying to decide which direction to walk when a police officer ran by with her hand on her weapon. We kind of just stood there, not knowing what to think. She got past us and drew her weapon and next thing we knew, there were officers coming out of the woodwork yelling for us all to exit through the tunnels. We were shepherded through a maze of corridors and tunnels until we arrived here. We didn't know what happened, but people were panicked. Now we have just been informed that there was a shooter at the CVC(where we were), but s/he has been apprehended. We have to stay here a while longer. No police officers or civilians were hurt UPDATE: One officer was shot, but is not seriously injured.

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