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San Jose will require video and audio recordings of gun purchases

Paul Angulo, Mike Conway
Posted at 6:40 PM, Jun 21, 2021

San Jose has become the latest city to require video and audio recording of all firearm purchases.

The new law was passed by city leaders as part of Mayor Sam Liccardo’s 10-point gun control plan he unveiled earlier this month. It comes weeks after a mass shooting at a San Jose railyard where a disgruntled employee killed nine co-workers and then himself.

While many gun stores have some kind of video surveillance, the new law mandates it and requires they take the extra step to capture audio as well.

“We know a significant number of crooks and gangs get firearms through straw purchasing,” Mayor Sam Liccardo saidin announcing the law.

In addition to recording, the policy requires gun retailers to train staff to ask questions of the purchaser to determine whether they are attempting to buy a gun for another person.

The law then requires sellers to keep the videos for 30 days to allow law enforcement time to collect evidence should they need it.

San Jose joins Chicago and several smaller California cities in requiring videotaping of gun sales, the Mercury News reports. Walmart has been videotaping gun sales since 2008.

Retailers have three months to comply with the new law.