San Diego Police: Chargers security guard masturbator case now in hands of city attorney

Investigated as a lewd act in public
Posted at 3:48 PM, Dec 28, 2016

SAN DIEGO — San Diego police spokesperson Lt. Scott Wahl said Wednesday that the case of a San Diego Chargerssecurity guard caught masturbating during a live NFL game between the Chargers and Oakland Raiders has been delivered to the San Diego city attorney's office for review.

"Our detective is hand walking the case down in the morning," Wahl wrote to 10News, after vacillating between reports that the case first had, then had not yet been sent. "We investigated the case as a lewd act in public." 

It is not known whether charges will be brought against the guard. 

Elite Security fired the security guard videotaped by a football fan in the stands while allegedly masturbating on the field of Qualcomm Stadium only feet away from Chargers cheerleaders at the Dec. 18 game.

The woman who took the now infamous video spoke with 10News in person. However, she asked us to protect her identity - and not use her name or her image. 

The woman said she and her family were sitting in the front row of their section during the game.

She said the incident happened before the game started during the pre-game activities.

The video she filmed pans back and forth between the security guard and the Charger Girls who were just feet away.

She said she could see the guard with his hand down his pants and it appeared to her that he was masturbating.

The woman told 10News she saw him try to do it again around halftime, but this time she heard someone yell, "Get your hands out of your pocket!"