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Trump is "embarrassed" the Pences brought pets to Washington D.C., report says

Posted at 9:19 PM, Dec 06, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- A new profile of Vice President Mike Pence says his boss is not a fan of his pets. 

An advisor to Pence told The Atlantic that President Trump was overheard saying he was "embarrassed" that the Pence family brought their pets to Washington D.C. 

The Pence family brought two cats and a rabbit named "Marlon Bundo" from Indiana to the Vice President's Naval Observatory residence in D.C. 

One of those cats, Oreo died back in June. Oreo was 13 years old. 

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Less than two weeks later during a trip to Indiana, the family adopted another kitten. On that same trip, Pence was gifted a puppy named "Harley" from his family for Father's Day. 

Earlier this year, CNN reported that the Trump family was "breaking tradition" by becoming the first president in modern presidential history to not keep a pet at the White House.