Police identify San Bernardino shooting victims

Posted at 10:24 PM, Dec 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 00:24:26-05

San Bernardino officials released the names of the 14 victims killed in the shooting at the Inland Regional Center Tuesday.

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The dead include Shannon Johnson, 45, Benneta Bet-Badal, 46, Aurora Godoy, 26, Isaac Amanios, 60, Larry Kaufman, 42, Harry Bowman, 46, Yvette Velasco, 27, Sierra Clayborn, 27, Robert Adams, 40, Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, Tin Nguyen, 31, Juan Espinoza, 50, Damian Meins, 58 and Michael Wetzel, 37.

Thalasinos was a father of six, a coffee shop employee and a longtime health department employee, according to their respective families.

Thalasinos, an employee of the San Bernardino Department of Health, was one of the people killed during Wednesday's shootout at the Inland Regional Center, according to his wife, Jennifer Thalasinos. The longtime health department employee had worked at the department for approximately 12 years. His wife told ABC News that Thalasinos was an inspector in the environmental division alongside suspected shooter Syed Farook

Wetzel was a father and stepfather of six children, according to his family. A family spokeswoman told ABC News affiliate KABC that Wetzel was in a meeting at the time of the shooting.

"They are very overwhelmed, there are six kids who have lost a father, lost all financial support and the kids are just finding out today," the Wetzel family spokeswoman, Celia Behar said. "They are trying to be very cautious."

Wetzel's wife, Renee Wetzel called her husband "the most amazing person" in a statement to ABC News today.

"He was my best friend and an incredible father who was loved by all," she said. "I didn't know a better person. He loved his work and his family so very much. Without him, this family will never be the same. We appreciate all the love and support that everyone is showing. We ask that our privacy be respected during this terrible time."

Kaufman, 42, was killed yesterday when he was working at a coffee shop at the Inland Regional Center. His partner Ryan Reyes told ABC News that he was worried as soon as he heard about the shooting because he knew Kaufman would be outside on his break.

"That's when I was even more devastated," Reyes told ABC News.

Reyes said he waited for hours hoping that Kaufman would be on one of the buses to reunite bystanders with their families. At one point he saw a post on Facebook that said Kaufmann had been shot but was alive, however after visiting the local hospital he learned that wasn't true. He said he realized Kaufman was likely dead after learning he wasn't at any of the hospitals where the injured were taken.

"That’s when that hope really dwindled and it was extremely difficult trying to hold a ray of hope," Reyes said. Speaking to ABC News Reyes talked about his grief and what Kaufmann meant to those who knew him.

"The world will suffer from having one less person like him," Reyes told ABC News. "That's what bothers me...he is a ray of light to so many people."

He told ABC News that one of the last things he said to Kaufman was, "I love you."

Meins was an employee for the Riverside County Transportation and Land Management. His wife works as a principal at a local school.

Johnson had worked as an environmental health specialist for ten years.

Police said that suspected shooters Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik opened fire at a party for San Bernardino County Health Department employees, ultimately killing 14 and injuring 21. Police said today that they found three pipe bombs tied together in the buildings after the shooting.