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Police looking for driver who shot at semi-truck on I-75 in Kentucky

Posted at 6:52 PM, Dec 17, 2019

Scott County Sheriff’s Deputies are working to track down the driver suspected of opening fire during a road rage incident.

“Just one person was in a hurry, but it escalated pretty quickly,” said Sgt. Eddie Hart with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say a tractor trailer was heading north near mile marker 141 on I-75 in Kentucky when the driver of a black Chevy pick-up truck apparently became angry after the semi driver cut them off.

Deputies say the driver of the Chevy opened fire on the semi.

“He heard something but didn't know initially what it was until he pulled off the roadway and found a bullet hole in his drivers door and then the bullet was found in the back of seat. So we came inches away from someone getting seriously injured,” said Hart.

Deputies obtained video which the victim told them shows the aftermath of the shooting. The footage shows the Chevy pull up behind the victim's semi. The driver of the semi swerves to stop the Chevy from passing.

“We don't encourage that we just ask that people call us and let us come and mediate these issues and hopefully resolve them,” said Hart.

Deputies say after the shooting the Chevy truck used an emergency turn area to get onto I-75 south and ultimately evade authorities.

“Right now we're looking at a minimum wanton endangerment to possibly attempted murder charge. He's firing a gun into a vehicle, and it's a large 80,000 pound vehicle, that if the driver is incapacitated it could cause serious injury to other people,” said Hart.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but deputies are now working to track down the suspected shooter.

The black Chevy was hauling a trailer and is believed to have stickers of hot rod cars on the back.

Deputies can’t make out the tags in the video, and they’re asking anyone who may be able to enhance the video so they can identify the license place to contact them.

This article was written by Kylen Mills for WLEX .