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Parts of the US could have a minus 40 wind chill next week

Posted at 7:25 PM, Jan 24, 2019

As winter continues to tighten its grip across much of the United States, parts of the nation could see some of the coldest weather to reach the US in years following a dip in the jet stream next week.

According to a National Weather Service discussion, parts of the Midwest will be 30 degrees below normal during the middle of next week due to a compact Arctic upper low that could trek over the Great Lakes. Much of the rest of the eastern United States could see temperatures from 10 to 25 degrees below normal.

As of Thursday evening, low temperatures next week are expected to drop to minus 21 in Minneapolis, with a possible wind chill of colder than 40 below zero.

The temperature in Chicago is forecast to drop to minus 15, with a possible wind chill of minus 30. Similar weather is forecast in Detroit and Milwaukee.

According to the National Weather Service frost bite in minus 30 wind chill conditions could happen in less than 30 minutes, and in just 10 minutes in a minus 40 wind chill.

The National Weather Service cautions that there has been some fluctuation in forecast models.

If you're reading this from the West Coast, you have little to worry about. Above average temperatures is expected to continue to dominate the weather near the Pacific. High temperatures will remain near 70 in Los Angeles and San Diego over the next week, according to the National Weather Service.

Highs near Seattle and Portland will remain near 50 through the next week.