'Snap Map': Parents worried about Snapchat's newest feature

Posted at 8:39 PM, Jun 22, 2017

Snapchat introduced a new feature called "Snap Map." Some people are excited about the new feature but some parents are worried about its impact on privacy. 

The new feature allows people to see where their friends are snapping from, but Snapchat says users can turn it off so that no one knows where they are. The company also said users can limit the feature so that only their friends know where they are.

"I think first and foremost parents need to be aware of it," Antony Francis with Head of Lettuce Media said.

Francis said parents should continue to have conversations with their children as technology advances and as apps add new features.

"I think they’ll like it if their kids are using it properly, if they’re restricting it just to their friends ... younger kids, there is probably no good reason for them to be using it," Francis said.

Francis said parents should ask their kids to teach them how to use it.

"It's OK to pretend that you don’t understand, even if you might understand a little bit, get them to explain it to you to make sure they understand," Francis said.

Francis said there are a number of positives with the new feature. He said you can check where people are hanging out and that may be helpful if you are new to town or are looking for something to do.

"They do have heat maps so you can see where the hot spots are," Francis said.