Parents want kids' YouTube channel banned over 'disgusting' hidden images

Video allegedly shows cartoon murder, suicide
Posted at 4:01 PM, Aug 31, 2016
Thousands of parents want to ban a YouTube channel targeted toward young children, because they say some of its videos contain disturbing images.
The Superkidz Finger Family is a YouTube channel with 90 animated sing-along videos depicting well-known cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry.
Blogger Amber Taylor posted on that the channel recently released two videos that depicted cartoon murder and suicide.
The videos allegedly started out as usual but minutes into them, the characters appeared to have killed each other and later, themselves. 
“These videos are not 'parody' as some have tried to claim," Taylor wrote. "They are using popular children's songs with popular children's characters on a children's app to TARGET children watching them. They have the videos specifically listed as EDUCATIONAL videos so that they will specifically be allowed on the children's app. THIS is not parody. This is disgusting.”
Taylor claimed that the videos in question appeared to have been removed from the channel. Still, she and more than 2,400 supporters want the channel banned from YouTube.
A video showing the alleged hidden imagery can be seen below.