Oreo cookies to become a candy bar

Oreo cookies to become a candy bar
Posted at 6:43 PM, Nov 16, 2016

How about this? Mondel?z International, parent company of Oreo cookies, announced that it will begin selling three types of candy bars that will include Oreo cookies combined with Milka’s European chocolate.

According to Mondel?z, there are three types of candies: 

  • The Milka Oreo Big Crunch Chocolate Candy Bar: A layer of crunchy OREO cookies between two layers of rich vanilla creme filling, coated in European Milka chocolate candy. It will be available in one 10.5 oz. sharing size tablet.
  • The Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar: Delicious bits of Oreo cookie mixed in rich vanilla creme filling coated in European Milka chocolate candy. It will be available in three sizes: 1.44 oz., 2.88 oz. and 3.52 oz.
  • The Milka Oreo Choco-Mix Snack Mix Bag: Oreo mini chocolate sandwich cookies, Golden Oreo mini sandwich cookies, Milka chocolate candy buttons and candy coated chocolate pieces mixed together for a delicious multi-texture experience. It is available in a 6.1 oz. bag.

Limited quantities of the Milka Oreo Big Crunch Chocolate Candy Bar are currently available at Wal-Mart, Kroger, ShopRite and Albertsons locations. Nabisco said the rest of the line should be ready by January 2017. 


“We are always exploring ways to diversify the Oreo product portfolio in order to surprise and delight fans, and we are excited to do just that with Milka Oreo chocolate candy bars,” said Samantha Greenwood, Senior Category Director at Mondel?z.