Olive Garden unveils its latest all-you-can-eat deal

Olive Garden unveils its latest all-you-can-eat deal
Posted at 12:34 PM, Jan 23, 2017

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Olive Garden has unveiled its latest all-you-can-eat offering.

The restaurant chain known for its "never ending" portions announced a new promotion Monday where customers can pay $11.99 to consume endless piles of pasta -- in one sitting.

This differs from past "never ending" deals, like the Unlimited Pasta Pass offered the last two years where customers paid $100 for unlimited pasta bowls, soft drinks, salad and bread sticks for a seven-week period. Olive Garden sold 21,000 of those passes last year.

With the new $11.99 deal, which started Monday, customers can consume infinite amounts of pasta, selecting from five entrees: spaghetti with meat sauce, fettuccine alfredo, lasagna classic, chicken alfredo and chicken parmigiana.

The deal, which lasts until March 6, also provides unlimited soup, bread sticks and drinks.

The all-you-can-eat strategy seems to have worked for the Darden-owned restaurant chain, which reported improved sales late last year after being chastised by investors. Among investors' complaints were the quality of the food, including the unlimited bread sticks.