Officers participate in a danceoff with Fla. children

Posted at 6:47 PM, Jul 13, 2016

Members of the Sanford Police Department were videotaped last night doing a whip and nae nae dance to "Watch Me" with some children outside of an apartment complex in Flordia. 

The members of law enforcement identified in the video are Officers Inoa and Hernandez. 

Video of the dance has been shared thousands of times on Facebook. The video has drawn comments from around the nation.

"This is so beautiful,"  Cynthia Santos said. "Officer Hernandez came to visit my daughter the other day and she is still wearing her badge, to school to bed and everyplace in between. SPD is truly reaching out."

According to the police department, "It was impossible to determine whether or not there was winner." 

The video came as a lighthearted moment in an otherwise rough week for law enforcement after a deadly ambush in Dallas.