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O.J. Simpson banned from Vegas hotel, lawyer says

Posted at 12:48 PM, Nov 09, 2017

O.J. Simpson was reportedly removed from a Las Vegas casino early Thursday morning for unruly behavior.

Simpson's lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, said the Simpson was banned from The Cosmopolitan hotel, according to The Associated Press. LaVergne said no reason was given for the ban. 

But LaVergne said that the story about Simpson being drunk at The Cosmopolitan is completely untrue. 

LaVergne says that Simpson is a social drinker, meaning he usually orders one drink and sips on it while socializing, and that he was at the Cosmopolitan to eat chicken wings.

LaVergne also said that the hotel-casino had apparently decided before Simpson's visit to trespass him from the property. LaVergne says that after Simpson was notified, he left the hotel-casino quietly.

In addition, Simpson is challenging anyone with proof that he was drunk and belligerent to come forward. He is also taking steps to make sure that his probation officer is clear about what happened. 

Cosmopolitan still has not issued a statement in regards to the incident. LaVergne pointed out several times that the hotel-casino has the right to ban anyone they want for any reason.

TMZ reports that Las Vegas police were contacted just after midnight on Thursday about an a drunk and disorderly guest at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Simpson reportedly was upset with hotel staff and broke glasses during the dispute.

According to audio published by TMZ, a dispatcher mentions that "Orenthal is here" at Clique, a club inside the Cosmopolitan. 

There are no reports of Simpson being arrested following the incident.

Simpson was released from prison last month after serving 10 years for kidnapping and burglary charges. As part of his parole, Simpson is allowed to consume alcohol, but not to excess — meaning he cannot test higher than .08 on a blood-alcohol level.