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Michigan police say middle school student brought in grenade, threatened school

Posted at 2:49 PM, Feb 28, 2018

A student at Monroe Middle School in Michigan is facing possible charges after bringing an inactive grenade to school and threatening to "blow up the school."

Police were called to the school after the student showed the device to other students and made the threatening statements. Later interviews determined that he has shown it to others multiple times during the day.

A school resources officer searched the student's locker and located the grenade. He noticed that it had been modified to make it incapable of detonating.

Further inspection confirmed the device was not capable of exploding and did not pose a threat to anyone.

The student was removed from class and taken into custody. He has been placed in the Monroe County Youth center for possession of a device that is represented as an explosive or bomb.

Anyone with information in this case is asked to call the Monroe Police Department.