Florida face-biting suspect posted rambling YouTube videos

Posted at 2:58 AM, Aug 18, 2016

Martin County double homicide suspect Austin Harrouff, who police say was found biting and removing pieces of a victim's face, had posted several rambling videos on YouTube.

The 19-year-old Florida State University student is accused of killing killing a couple in what investigators call a random, violent and unprovoked attack Monday night.

He posted 18 videos in the past five months that contain a mixture of singing, rapping, rambling comments and calling himself “Austi Frosti.”

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The teen was a former high school football player at Suncoast High School and all-conference wrestler.

The YouTube videos show him talking a lot about self-image.


“Anyway, I'm going to talk to you, and tell you why I don't do ‘roids,” Harrouff said in one video.

“I think that steroids really aren't for me, honestly. I used to think that I needed steroids to be, to be a bodybuilder ... to be this lie,” said Harrouff in another video.

Harrouff, who is still hospitalized at St. Mary’s Medical Center, was set to start his sophomore year this fall at Florida State.