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Manufactured homes making a comeback with prices starting at $40k

Posted at 2:29 PM, Aug 20, 2018

Manufactured homes are making a comeback. Bloomberg reports since 2009, the homes have been on the rise. Many home buyers are turning to manufactured homes, because they are more affordable.

Features that make them appealing to home buyers, include open floor plans, spacious kitchens and big bedrooms and bathrooms. 

“A lot of people are surprised when they come into our homes for the first time," says Phillip Dickson, with Clayton Homes. "It’s not what they are expecting.”

However, there are a few things, aesthetically, that are different. There is a marriage line down the center of a manufactured home. When it’s assembled, it comes in two pieces. 

In recent years, Dickson says he’s seen an uptick in purchases. He says people are needing affordable housing in this competitive market. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, an average American home cost about $188,000. A starting price for a manufactured home, with no add-ons, can cost just $40,000.

When it comes to a manufactured home, there are many housing experts that say factory-built homes depreciate in value. However, Dickson says whether your home is manufactured or not, if you live in a great location, the value of your home will go up. 

Despite the value of a manufactured home, there are many buyers worried more about the home’s quality. But Dickson says the same requirements put in place for a site build home are still required for manufactured homes. 

Dickson hopes to break the stigma of how people view a manufactured home. He says if you’re looking to buy a home that you can customize, place where you want and keep it under budget, then a manufactured home might be your best choice.