Man burned inside Las Vegas airport

Posted at 2:01 PM, Apr 11, 2017

A man was badly burned inside McCarran International Airport Sunday night.

"To say that this is terrifying is an understatement," said Scott Hildreth, the burn victim.

Scott is laid up in the burn unit, barely able to move. He should be home in Florida with his kids. Over the weekend his life changed in an instant.

"To turn around and see that happening is your worst nightmare... There's nothing that can prepare yourself for that," said Jessica Hildreth, Scott's wife.

Scott and his wife were minutes away from boarding when an explosion went off in his pocket. It torched his hand and leg.  He still has the charred receipts he was carrying that night, plus his e-cigarette.

"It still functions," said Scott.

In a press release, authorities say they think the battery of "a vaping device" started the fire. The airport says an investigation is happening now. Jessica and Scott want to know why no one is telling them anything. More than 24 hours after the incident and the couple says no investigator told them anything about the cause.

"To feel like it doesn't matter that this happened is infuriating," said Jessica.

Scott's recovery could take weeks or even months.