Little boy dances to raise money for needy kids

Posted at 12:12 PM, Dec 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-17 14:13:15-05

A 5-year-old boy raised money for charity by doing something he loves: dancing.

Sully Smith, of Atlanta, Georgia, came up with the idea to dance for charity while visiting family in New York, his mom Jennifer Smith told ABC News.

"He loves dancing and he loves dancing for people, so he started dancing for my family," Smith said. "He did 'Thriller' and as a joke, my aunt threw money at his feet. Everyone started throwing money."

Sully collected $30 and when he tried to give the money back to his family members, they suggested he donate the money to charity, Smith said.

The "super excited" boy put out a cardboard box that read "Dancing for donations for Toys for Tots" at the Atlanta BeltLine on Saturday and danced to a playlist of songs, Smith said.

"He made his own list of his favorite songs and they were everything from James Brown to the Nae Nae song and Taylor Swift, the 'Ghostbusters' theme, and 'Thriller,'" she added.

Sully collected $105 and immediately went to Target, where he got another generous donation from a woman who overheard him talking about his charitable efforts, Smith said.

"He bought everything from tea sets to chalk, Barbies, Minecraft toys, a remote control puppy," Smith said. "He was very sweet and mindful of getting everything for different kinds of people."

The next day Sully and his mom took the toys to Izzy Maternity in Atlanta, where there was a drop-off bin for toys to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House through the charity “For A Day Atlanta," Smith said.

"When we got there, he asked if he could dance for them so he danced in the store," Smith said, adding that she and Sully hope to make this a tradition every year.

As for Sully, he has enrolled in dance classes and had his second class Wednesday night, Smith said.

"I'm so proud of him," Smith said. "He just has the best heart and will keep going with dance."