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Lime is working on software that will know if you're too drunk to ride its scooters

Posted at 7:35 AM, Apr 22, 2019

NASVHILLE — Scooter companies are looking to keep their riders safe, and now one company is even working on new technology to detect drunk drivers.

Lime says it’s working to protect inebriated riders and everyone around them.

The technology would supposedly slow down the Lime scooter after it detects irregular driving. There wouldn't be a breathalyzer on the scooter.

Sensors would reportedly pick up if the scooter is not driving in a straight line, and if it senses it's wobbling, the scooter won't be able to go very fast.

About a person a day goes to the emergency department at Vanderbilt Medical Center for scooter injuries. The Nashville hospital says it's admitted one to two people to the trauma center each month for major head injuries.

This drunk driving detection technology was first reported by The Verge in an interview with Lime's CEO Brad Bao. He says nothing has launched yet, but it is one of many improvements they are working on.