LEGO Christmas Story House reaches halfway goal halfway to Christmas

Posted at 8:18 PM, Jun 28, 2017

In December, the LEGO Christmas Story House reached 1,000 supporters on its way to being reviewed by the company to become a real set.

On June 25, exactly halfway to Christmas, the LEGO house reached 5,000 supporters, also halfway to the goal of 10,000.

If the house were to become a LEGO set, it would include: 

  • The Old Man Parker (complete with smile and surprised faces)
  • Mother Parker (complete with smile and worried faces)
  • Randy
  • Ralphie
  • BONUS: "Can't Put My Arms Down" Randy
  • BONUS: "Cowboy" Ralphie
  • BONUS: "Pink Nightmare" Ralphie
  • BONUS: "Bumpus Hounds" (Dada duh dut duhda)

Added details of the house include a leg lamp, a Christmas tree and the door under the sink.

Because the A Christmas Story House has reached 5,000 supporters, it has earned an extra 6 months - up until Christmas - to reach the goal to become a LEGO set.

If you want to check out the house, two prototypes of the LEGO Christmas Story house are in Cleveland - one was loaned to the A Christmas Story House and Museum and the other to the Great Lakes Science Center. To see pictures of the house, to learn more about it or to support it, visit the LEGO Ideas website.