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Legitimate work-from-home jobs that really pay

Posted at 8:25 AM, Nov 19, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-21 21:10:56-05

Want to give up the stressful commute and work from home? 

It could happen, if you can avoid all the scams.

Stacey Carter spends more time at home these days after turning a baking hobby into a successful business.

"I'm not sure what title I would have-dishwasher, baker, marketer, sales rep, kinda everything," she says.

For Valerie Neal, telecommuting allows her to focus on her work.

"I am able to make my phone calls and really concentrate and not be interrupted," she says

But be careful! The internet is full of work at home scams.

Those scams include the old envelope stuffing or craft making jobs where you spend more than you will ever make.

The new scams include medical billing and repackaging and then shipping items. 

That last one could even get you in trouble if it turns out you are shipping stolen items.

Our sister station in Cincinnati found legitimate work at home opportunities through: Arise, Convergys, Elance and Speak Write.

And these two blogs can for work at home moms.

It could be a scam if the job pays much more than it should. 

Also, if the employer sends you a big check in advance and then wants a part of it back, don't bite.

Your money is good, their check is not. 

Here's more from the Federal Trade Commissionabout work at home scams.

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