Kansas City selling houses for only a dollar

Posted at 4:43 PM, Feb 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 14:45:39-05

Kansas City’s Landbank is now selling over a hundred homes for only a dollar. Felecia Shinstine says she wants to buy a dollar home to help rebuild her family.

Want to buy a home in KCMO for $1? Here's what you should know

“I have three small kids and I lost my husband last year, so my house payment is way more than what I can handle by myself,” said Shinstine.

On Sunday, Shinstine went to check out a house on 5312 Rinker Road.

“This house right now is pretty ugly. It needs a new roof and it will take some money to get these trees cut down, but it doesn’t scare me off because I know what it can be and what it will do for me and my family,” said Shinstine.



Even though the property might be an eyesore, house flipper Mark Jones says it is worth the investment. In his 16 years of flipping homes, he says the number one mistake people make is not preparing for the unexpected.



“On properties like this, you may think that we’re just going to put windows in there and do a simple job, but there’s going to be surprises you have to factor for. We always budget extra money just for surprises,” said Jones.



The city will pay people $8,500 to help renovate the homes only if they plan on living in the home. For people planning on buying and flipping, they will pay the $8,500 after the property has been sold.