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JUUL launches age verification system to curb underage e-cigarette use

Posted at 10:13 AM, Aug 30, 2019

JUUL is launching a new program to get kids to stop vaping.

The company claims its new age verification system will stop cashiers from selling to minors. It also limits how much a person can buy at once.

JUUL is teaming up with tobacco vendors to launch this.

Critics say the restrictions will push more kids to get JUUL products from the black market.

Some experts worry street dealers are cutting the vape cartridges with something that's not safe — or approved — in order to make more money.

The move comes amid concern that vaping is linked to lung disease.

U.S. health officials announced Friday that as of August 27, there are at least 215 possible cases of severe lung disease in 25 states that could be caused by vaping.

This story was originally published on KTNV.