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John McCain: Pair of 'stories' from satire site The Onion stirs up controversy

John McCain: Pair of 'stories' from satire site The Onion stirs up controversy
Posted at 6:37 PM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-25 17:56:35-04

A pair of articles from satire site The Onion on Friday were the source of controversy following news that John McCain has decided to stop his cancer treatment.

After news broke Friday that the 81-year-old senator from Arizona has chosen to discontinue medical treatment after being diagnosed with an aggressive glioblastoma last summer, The Onion published a pair of "stories" directly related to McCain's health.

"Meghan McCain Forced To Live Out Socialist Nightmare Of Empathy For Sick Person" was the name of an Onion article published Friday morning. The headline is a reference to comments from McCain's daughter Meghan, a 33-year-old and Valley native and current co-host on ABC's The View. Meghan McCain engaged in a passionate debate about socialism on an episode of The View in late July.

On Friday afternoon, The Onion published an article called, "John McCain Requests Ashes Be Launched Into Iraq," an obvious reference to McCain's support for the war in Iraq.

Responses to both articles on were mixed, with some claiming The Onion went too far, and others stating that they were within the bounds of satire. Conservative site Twitchy listed a number of tweets from those who thought the article about Meghan McCain, in particular, was in poor taste.