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Inmates in Iowa sue to keep pornography in prisons

Posted at 5:30 PM, Nov 29, 2018

Inmates in Iowa's correctional system are suing the state to strike down a recently passed law that has banned pornography in prison, CNN affiliate KCCI reported. 

Iowa attempted to pass a similar law 30 years ago, but a federal judge struck the law down for being too vague. One expert told KCCI that the new law is more specific, and will likely withstand judicial review. 

"Prisoners generally have rights to access -- absent some incredibly dangerous person -- (including) reading materials," Drake University Constitutional Law Center Director Mark Kende. "And they have constitutional rights, even though they're in prison, the rights are diminished, but they have them."

The law eliminates both viewing porn within individual jail cells, and in pornography reading rooms. 

Among the lawsuit, 58 inmates have joined the lawsuit, and are also asking the state to pay them $25,000 each in damages.