How the iPhone has changed our lives in 10 years

Posted at 2:51 PM, Jun 28, 2017

Can you believe the iPhone has been around for a decade? Thursday marks ten years since it came out. Whether you have one or not, it has changed the way we live. And there could be something even bigger on the way.

Hannah Schmitz says she can't imagine her life without an iPhone.

"I mean I've had a phone since I was in middle school," Schmitz says.

Back in those days Schmitz was limited to sending 50 texts on her iPhone. Now as a hairstylist she's using it for so much more.

"You can run everything through your phone," Schmitz says. "And you can call whoever I can send a text and someone will come get their hair done right away and it's really great."

10 years ago she says she never imagined being able to do all that on the device.

"Just playing a simple game of snake on my phone was good back then," Schmitz says. "And now I can play whatever. I can check Facebook whenever and it's great."

The iPhone put the internet in everyone's pocket, and a camera too. Of the 1.2 trillion digital photos taken across the world this year, 85 percent will be done so on phones. And a few will be those Pam Wiegand took of her grandson. She never imagined she'd be using her phone as her camera.

The iPhone fostered in the launch of Apple's app store, which now how has more than 2 million apps making your iPhone more than your phone, camera and computer, but your map, flashlight, clock and even your photo album.

"There's an app called Tiny Beans,"  Wiegand says.  "And our kids take pictures of him all the time and then put them on Tiny Beans and then we can see them every day."

It's safe to say the iPhone has changed everything, but experts say something even bigger is on the way. Apple glasses.

Apple hasn't even confirmed it's working on them, but there's already speculation they'll be available within three years. Some people were a little apprehensive.

"It kind of freaks me out," Schmitz says. "I mean there's something called being too connected." 

It's probably the way some people felt about the iPhone 10 years ago.

When it comes to business, not only has the iPhone driven Apple's growth, making it the world's most profitable company, but it has also led to the Android system, boosting companies like Samsung and hurting others like Blackberry and Nokia.