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Growing calls for 'civil war' in far-right groups after FBI search

Posted at 5:54 PM, Aug 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-09 20:54:28-04

The FBI search of former President Donald Trump's home has sparked intense reactions.

Some Democrats are ecstatic.

Many Americans are simply waiting to see what evidence the FBI took and find more about the investigation.

Some Republicans, loyal to President Trump, are outraged and calling for a 'civil war.'

There is growing concern from extremism experts about the increasingly violent rhetoric.

One member of the 'Patriots of Arizona' Telegram group wrote, "when are we going to do something about this?"

Another called for the group to protest outside the current Arizona Attorney general's home and office.

Another far-right Arizona Telegram group shared a poll asking members to vote 'yes' or 'no' to the question, "Will there be a 2nd civil war in America?"

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, who has been censured and investigated by her colleagues for violent rhetoric, wrote: "We need many arrests, tribunals and tough constitutional punishment for the treason that has continued to take place."

On the far-right social media site, Gab, users commented on Republican Secretary of State nominee Mark Finchem's post.

One person wrote, "Merrick Garland needs to hang."

Another commenter added, "As some who has seen war up close and personal, I say bring it."

"The trigger words are then going to incite some type of violence or some type of activity," said Matt Browning, a retired Mesa police detective and expert on extremism.

Browning says the talk about 'civil war' is not completely new but "the base is so much bigger than it was."

"The anger is going to continue to rise," said Browning. "What once was unacceptable to say is now going to become acceptable."

Tuesday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham tried to appeal to his party's most aggrieved voters.

"To those who feel the need to violently react - the answer is don't," said Graham. "What you need to do is make sure you show up and vote to stop some of this madness."

ABC15 reached out to State Sen. Rogers and Rep. Finchem with questions about their posts and the comments on them - we have yet to hear back.

We will update this story if we do.