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GM, Ford convert more than 1,000 temporary employees to full-time positions

Posted at 2:41 PM, Jan 07, 2021

More than a thousand temporary employees at General Motors and Ford will become permanent full-time employees later this month.

Both GM and Ford have agreements with United Auto Workers to convert temporary employees to permanent positions so they can get benefits, according to The Detroit News.

More than 650 temporary employees at General Motors will become full-time permanent by the end of January. Nearly 400 employees will gain benefits this month at Ford.

“This life-changing event is a testament to our members’ hard work as permanent temporary employees and the power of collective bargaining that created this defined path for them to seniority status,” said United Auto Workers union Vice President Terry Dittes in a written statement.

The conversion from temporary to full-time permanent was part of contract negotiations between the UAW and GM and Ford in 2019.

Some of the plants with employees converting to permanent positions include those in Fort Wayne, Indiana; Arlington, Texas; and Kansas City, Missouri, according to The Detroit News.

Fiat Chrysler also has an agreement with UAW, however they do not have employee conversion requirements.