General Motors' customers frustrated over shaking pickup trucks

Drivers complain about Silverado, GMC Sierra
Posted at 12:47 PM, Jul 06, 2017

Mike Hollingsworth is retired. He spends most of his time traveling in his Chevrolet Silverado.

However, the Kansas resident says he gets nervous when driving down the highway.

"The seats start vibrating, the floorboard vibrates – it feels like a wheel's out of balance," Hollinsgworth said.

Hollingsworth refers to his 2016 pickup truck as, "The Chevy Shakerado,” since the vehicle rattles at highway speeds.

"You wonder if you're going to break down," he said.

Hollingsworth said the shaking began within weeks of purchasing the truck. Because he bought it new, he said he didn't take it for a test drive.

"That was the biggest mistake I made," he said.

Hollingsworth told KSHB-TV investigative reporters he took his truck to the dealership where he bought it. He said the truck was tested and the technicians said the amount of shaking was within what’s considered an acceptable range.

"I get to drive a truck that shakes," Hollingsworth said.

KSHB reporters found Hollingsworth isn't the only frustrated GM customer.

Bill Burdette uploaded a video to YouTube that shows him driving down the highway. His keys rattle and his water can be heard vibrating in the cup holder.

Multiple complaints have also been filed with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

There are also multiple complaints that the GMC Sierra has a similar problem.

One customer wrote, “This truck has vibrated since day one. It has been at the dealer for over 17 days. The tires were balanced and the dealer informs me at this point that the truck falls into what GM finds acceptable."

"I've been dealing with the same vibration issue since November 2015, it is now March 2017. It has been in the shop 10 times without any results."

It appears most complaints for both vehicles are in models made in 2014 through 2016.

The KSHB investigators made multiple attempts to reach a spokesperson from GM but as of Thursday have not received a response.

Hollingsworth says he took his truck back to the dealership on Wednesday. He says an employee drove with him down the highway and recognized the vehicle does have a problem with shaking.

It's not clear what the dealership will do to fix the issue.