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Fort Collins woman's Home Depot order comes in box packed with cut-up checks, bank statements

Posted at 7:40 PM, Nov 05, 2014

A Fort Collins woman found something unexpected in her order from Home Depot: cut-up checks and banks statements with people's personal financial information.

Susan Graham loves to solve puzzles, so after she ordered a package online from Home Depot, the sliced up papers were an unexpected surprise.

"I ordered this little chimney fire starter," said Graham, "And I realized the packaging material inside was actually checks and bank statements."

With just a few moments of puzzle work, she assembled a partially-complete check.

"You can tell the bank, most of the account number. It's just adding up quickly," she said. "I started thinking, 'Well, what if these were my checks?' I thought it would be good if somebody checked this out."

So, ABC15 sister station 7NEWS asked Home Depot about the material, and spokeswoman Meghan Basinger emailed, "We follow strict guidelines and only used approved packaging material like bubble wrap and cardboard."

Basinger stating she was confident it didn't happen in a Home Depot distribution center, but that vendors are held to strict guidelines, too.

The company is investigating. 

Graham said, fortunately, she doesn't care about bank account numbers, but she think it's a puzzle Home Depot needs to solve.

"It just doesn't seem like a good idea," she said.