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Former U.S. ally calling out government officials over lack of action to get people out of Kabul

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Posted at 5:56 PM, Sep 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-30 21:51:39-04

Frustration continues to grow from both sides of the border, as limited to no information is given by Congress about rescue efforts in Afghanistan.

Over the course of the last month, ABC15 has been trying to get answers about how many, if any, refugees have gotten out of Afghanistan and brought to Arizona, since U.S. troops were pulled out.

To this day, still no answer.

Now, many in Kabul find themselves living in fear and fighting for a way out.

This comes as thousands of former Afghan U.S. allies were left behind in Afghanistan, still hoping for a way out.

Among them, a former U.S. Ally we spoke to one month ago.

He tells ABC15 He was denied a special immigrant visa (SIV) For a second time, forcing him to stay in Kabul.

“Believe me I am very shocked now,” said Omid.

ABC15 decided to blur out his face, distort his voice, and leave out his last name for his protection.

Omid says he hasn’t been able to go outside for weeks, in fear the Taliban will kill him because of his ties with the U.S.

“There’s no(t) any forgiveness for us. If we’re captured by the Taliban, if we’re captured by ISIS, if we’re captured by the other terrorist groups...we will be slaughtered. I’m just like a prisoner at home,” he added.

He says it’s hard for him to sleep sometimes because he feels the Taliban is going to find him and capture him.

“I’m still living in fear,” Omid told ABC15.

He says he is also living with a great deal of disappointment, after reading the reason behind the denial of his special immigrant visa.

“It just mentions like lack of valuable service,” he said in disbelief.

Though Omid says, that cannot be.

“I helped them, and I saved a lot of the U.S. Army lives in Afghanistan for the terrorist groups. From the Taliban,” he said, almost in tears.

Omid says he even had three of his U.S. supervisors send in letters of recommendation.

“My U.S. supervisors, they mention it. That I did my work faithfully and valuable service for the U.S. Army...unfortunately, we left behind.”

Lance Camerena is a former infantryman who served in Afghanistan from 2017 to 2018.

Camarena says he worked with Omid every day.

“I’m disgusted with the government... that... you know, these people risked their lives to help us, to ensure our security, to help us gain intel, and then they’re just left over there,” Camarena told ABC15.

Camarena also says he has been calling and emailing government officials, but to no avail.

“Mark Kelly’s office just sends me these...these well-written emails of how they're doing something when in reality, they’re not. And then Kyrsten Sinema’s office, they haven’t even gotten back to me at all,” he added.

Camarena says the only response he has gotten is from Congressman Andy Biggs’ office.

“My friends shouldn’t have to go house to house hiding every night, in fear that they’re going to get murdered,” Camarena said.

Omid says there are more than 1,000 former Afghan U.S. interpreters who also find themselves trapped in Kabul.

Something he still cannot believe.

Omid says while he feels betrayed, he will continue fighting to leave Kabul and get to safety.

“I’m asking for justice. And before it’s too late, please save all the Afghan interpreters,” Omid told ABC15.